The efficiency and originality of Airbob come from the compression of a deformable structure around the breach to seal, instead of attempting to block it directly.

The deformable balloon adapts to a wide variety of irregular and angular surfaces. The low-pressure inflation (50 mBar) yields a powerful counter-pressure on the hull around the breach, ensuring an immediate and durable sealing able to counter strong water flows.

The system has four parts:

  • an external anchoring bar
  • an inflatable cylindrical balloon with an axial duct
  • a circual compression plate
  • a rope linking them, which goes through the center of the balloon and the plate

Installing the system requires the following steps. First, the bar is introduced through the breach from the inside of the boat. Then, the balloon and the plate are applied against the inner wall of the dammaged hull. Finally, the rope is tensioned and locked on the plate. Manually inflating the balloon between the hull and the plate applies a strong pressure on the hull around the breach, quickly ensuring a durable sealing.

The system can be installed in a few minutes by a single person, even under water and in hard to reach places.